Food provenance

We have developed great long-term relationships with our suppliers, many of whom have been in place for more than a decade. We also take great pride in ensuring the quality of our products and continually assess each of our suppliers to maintain the highest standards.

At Domino’s, we are passionate about sourcing great quality ingredients. Our mozzarella is 100% produced in the UK and most importantly, it’s 100% cheese; it does not contain starch. Only Mediterranean vine ripened tomatoes are used for our pizza sauce, and it takes just six hours from picking the tomatoes for them to be turned into our delicious sauce. Our pepperoni is produced from prime cuts of pork, fermented and especially dried for Domino’s.

Animal welfare is important to us and to our customers. Our Animal Welfare Policy sets out the standards we expect of our meat suppliers and the processes we have in place to put these into practice.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure animals are able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns, are properly supervised during transport, and are handled by trained stockman, slaughterhouse workers and hauliers. All animals are stunned prior to slaughter.

We demand suppliers comply with all EU, local and UK animal welfare legislation, but we also expect them to go further than just complying with legal requirements and commit to further improvements.

Each supplier is audited to ensure compliance with our minimum standards, and we agree specific targets and timelines for enhancements. We have a supplier code of practice and responsible sourcing policy, which includes updated requirements for our suppliers for food and non-food related items.

We continue to take steps to improve standards and are committed to providing more information, so our stakeholders are aware of the measures we are taking in this key area.