Slawomir Szulc

Name: Slawomir Szulc

Region: England

Number of Stores: Five

Favourite Pizza: My special recipe - light sauce, light cheese, anchovies, tuna, jalapenos, onions, fresh tomatoes and then more cheese (On the thinnest and lightest base imaginable)

I came to the UK from Poland to study in sports therapy and physiotherapy and began working as a driver. I originally wanted a career in sports therapy but Domino's changed that.

I saw what a brilliant opportunity Domino's represented and purchased my own store. Now I own five stores and want to keep growing my Domino's business. My hobby is triathlons and I work as hard training for these as I do in my Domino's stores. I have built up to completing the Ironman challenge and like my business life this takes focus, hard work and determination.