Property T&C's

Agency Fees - Terms and Conditions


Domino's is currently looking for new properties. We do not retain agents, and recognise all genuine introductions. Please be assured that we can take the hassle out of the leasing process for site owners by taking care of everything from planning/change of use applications to surveys and construction.


Should you introduce a property to Domino’s that we were not previously aware of at the time the introduction was made, and provided the property found complies with our Site Requirements (see below), and the General information listed below, you will be able to claim a site finder’s fee from Domino’s. Please note that any introductory fee payable will be in accordance with the fee scale published at the time the introduction was made


  • We will pay a fee of £10,000 for any property found which has suitable A5 food takeaway use provided the legal transaction completes within six month from the date of the introduction.
  • Unfortunately time is critical to us.  If the legal transition is not completed within six months from the date of introduction the fee will revert to the fee scale applied to a property without A5 consent as detailed below.


  • We will pay a fee of £5,000 for any property that is non-A5, but suitable for us, and that Planning for A5 can be obtained, on the condition the legal transaction completes within 12 months from the date of the introduction.
  • Fee payable upon completion.


Please contact us at

In order for us to provide accurate and quick responses to each introduction, please include the following in your email:

  • Full name,
  • Address and postcode of the property,
  • Lease and rental details where appropriate,
  • Copy of planning approvals if applicable
  • Contact details of who we should contact should the site be of interest to Domino’s.

Please be aware that any site which has been introduced to us may be rejected and Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland Limited are at liberty to reject any site at their sole discretion. Introductions are valid for a maximum of 12 months and fees are only payable on the condition the transaction completes within 12 months from the date of introduction to Domino’s.


If you are a Property Agent and introduce a property to us, in order to remain eligible for the fee, you will be expected to:

  • Assist Domino’s at all stages in the acquisition by providing any information required to gain board approvaL
  • Assist with negotiations of contract to help us exchange and complete;
  •  Provide us with monthly updates and valuations advice; and
  • Provide us with any other advice and assistance as we deem necessary.


Here is a list of our typical site requirements. However, the below should be used as guidance only, if you have a site which falls roughly in line with the below requirements please do still contact us:

  • Ideal Frontage – 15ft (4.5m)
  •  Ideal area – 1100sqft or the ability to extend
  •  High Visibility
  • Leasehold or freehold
  • Hot food takeaway use (A5)/Potential for change of use
  •  Close proximity to family neighbourhoods and students
  • Prominent roadside locations or retail centres
  •  Parking