As revellers from around the globe prepare to head to Scotland for Hogmanay celebrations later this month, Domino’s Pizza stores across the country are gearing up to deliver over 250,000 slices of freshly hand-made pizza to partygoers, who are choosing to save money and dodge the crowds to celebrate in the comfort of their own home. The peak in orders is expected to hit around 6pm as hungry households fill up on piping hot pizza ahead of the evening’s celebrations.


This year’s epic Hogmanay pizza delivery in numbers:

  • ·         Domino’s expects to sell over 250,000 slices of pizza in Scotland on 31 December 2014

  • ·         Over half of the pizzas are expected to be a classic Cheese and Tomato – Scotland’s favourite topping

  • ·         5,029,332 grams of mozzarella cheese – equivalent to the weight of 10,058 Scottish haggis

  • ·         3,352,888 grams of secret recipe tomato sauce – equal to 4,470 bottles of whisky

  • ·         870,880 slices of pepperoni sausage – stretching the same distance between Edinburgh and Glasgow


Scott McLeod, Operations Director at Domino’s Pizza UK said: “With over 130,000 tourists expected to visit Scotland for the Hogmanay celebrations, we are seeing an increasing number of people opting to stay indoors and bring the street atmosphere to their own doorstep. Pizza is the ultimate party food that can be delivered direct to your door, making it the ideal option for those who are looking to share something tasty for dinner as they party their way into 2015.”  

In preparation for one of the busiest times of the year, Domino’s Pizza in Scotland has been recruiting an additional 300 new drivers across Scotland to ensure that the festive fleet is able to meet the company’s biggest delivery demand of the year.