As festive decorations and gifts start to hit the supermarket shelves, Domino’s Pizza UK is preparing for its most wonderful – and busy – time of the year. Ahead of the Christmas and New Year period, the company is on the hunt for 2,400 new drivers to help deliver a whopping 12.5 million pizzas to hungry households, offices and Christmas parties across the UK.


Ensuring that UK pizza lovers get their fix throughout the seasonal period, the festive fleet of Domino’s drivers will be giving Father Christmas a run for his money in meeting the company’s biggest delivery demand of the year:


·         Domino’s expects to sell nearly 12.5 million pizzas during November and December, the length of 3,500,000 meters of ribbon (or 1,900,000 Christmas trees)*

·         This equates to almost 100 million slices of pizza being delivered throughout the Christmas period, topped with;

o   2,100,000kg mozzarella cheese  - equivalent to weight of 152,000 Christmas turkeys

o   1,400,000kg tomato sauce - equivalent to 1,870,000 bottles of mulled wine

o   400 million slices of pepperoni - which would stretch the equivalent of 12,000km, i.e. from London to the North Pole three times


Scott McLeod, Operations Director at Domino’s Pizza UK said: The Christmas and New Year season is when we really ramp up our recruitment efforts.  For many people, it’s a great time to make some extra money for the holidays, or a start rewarding new career.”


We are looking for hard working people who enjoy bringing great service and care to our loyal customers.  Delivering pizzas is a fun and rewarding job with longer term opportunities, as most of our store managers started out as delivery drivers – with some going on to own their own stores. 


“Our delivery drivers are the face of our company to the customer, and from these ranks we are looking for our next superstars.” 


If you would like to apply for a position, please visit