-         Pizza Company launches doughnut delivery service – ‘the next hot thing’ -

This week,
Domino’s Pizza UK is introducing freshly baked ring doughnuts to its menu, to feed the nation’s growing appetite for the doughy treats. A recent report* showed that doughnuts were the fastest growing UK ‘out of home’ snack item in the year ending 2013, growing by 11% in servings to 63.7 million for the whole year.


More famous for its freshly handmade pizzas than puddings, Domino’s Pizza UK has seen a sharp increase in the sales of its desserts range - partially due to the launch of its Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls™, which has helped drive dessert sales growth by 37% to date this year.


Available in portions of 4 and 12, Domino’s doughnuts are delivered piping hot to customer’s doors at the click of a button - and are set to be the number one choice for fans looking for an after dinner treat.


Domino’s has been quick to capitalise on the nation’s sweet tooth by introducing a series of tempting desserts to its menu over the past few years; including warm and gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies, bite-sized Chocolate Brownies and their Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls. This is in addition to its ongoing partnership with Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, which lists six flavours on the Domino’s menu. 

For the first time ever, the newly launched doughnuts will be supported by a standalone new TV advertising and marketing campaign, which taps into fairground favourites and sees the iconic delivery scooter swapped for a funfair dodgem. To celebrate the new dessert offering, Domino’s took the dodgem car on a road trip of London to deliver some of its delicious doughnuts to passers-by – pictures can be viewed here.


Simon Wallis, Sales and Marketing Director at Domino’s Pizza said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to our chocolate twisted dough balls and wider dessert range, so wanted to introduce something new and fun to the line-up. Nothing can beat the magic and delicious taste of freshly baked doughnuts – we think home doughnut delivery is going to be the next hot thing.”  


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